I was born in Banska Bystrica, only a few days after one of the most effective ideas of Europe was accepted, that being the beginning of the Schengen agreement. Even though Slovakia only joined it in the new century, I found a sort of symbolism in it as I was born on the 22nd June and our country started experiencing the benefits of freedom of movement in the European Union a whole 22 years after this important agreement was signed. The number twos then are not only important numbers in my life, but they also affect the lives of all my fellow countrymen.

When I was a student in the Faculty of National Economy at the University of Economics in Bratislava and I was celebrating my twenty second birthday, I was awarded a title of 1st Runner Up (second place) and the spectator’s award of Miss Tip in Miss Universe Slovak Republic competition. It was a year of 2007, which was the year of Slovakia entering the before mentioned Schengen agreement.

Besides number twos, my life is significantly influenced by folklore. From a young age I was led to folk singing and dancing by my parents and my grandparents, mainly my paternal grandmother – granny from Poniky. My father was a professional folk dancer and soloist, multiinstrumentalist in SĽUK (Slovak State Traditional Dance Company), but previously both my parents danced in Folk Group Urpin in Banska Bystrica, which is where they first met. That is where I also acted during my grammar school years. Besides singing and dancing I also played the cimbalom. After starting at university, I got into an artistic ensemble called Lúčnica, where I spent eleven most beautiful years, not only due to the dancing.

Everything that followed this time is strongly affected by the experiences that I gained whilst travelling with folk groups, participating in three Miss competitions and studying National Economy Politics. The whole of my life is tied together with a strong bond to the folklore beauties of our nation and I am trying to present and pass these on further in all different forms.

In 2016 I set up an event company MissFolklór. It was a natural result of organising an event – Miss Folklór that I have been forming since 2015.

You will find out more about my activities right here.

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Lúčnica 2004 – 2015

Miss ČSR 2010

Miss Universe 2007

Miss Earth 2007