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I was born in Banska Bystrica, only a few days after one of the most effective ideas of Europe was accepted, that being the beginning of the Schengen agreement. Even though Slovakia only joined it in the new century, I found a sort of symbolism in it as I was born on the 22nd June and our country started experiencing the benefits of freedom of movement in the European Union a whole 22 years after this important agreement was signed. The number twos then are not only important numbers in my life, but they also affect the lives of all my fellow countrymen.



Event moderation • Chamber programme with folk band • Traditional wedding ritual “čepčenie” • Tailormade culture programme and hostess offer


Project Miss Folklore

The idea of Miss Folklore competition comes from very close connection of girl’s natural beauty and Slovak traditional art.


It cost you nothing to ask...

I am kinda social media woman.

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